Hello and welcome to Leave a Happy Plate!!

I have spent the last year and a half planning my wedding, and now that the big day is over, I wanted a fun new project!  And I thought a food blog was just the thing.  My new hubby and I both love to cook... we spend many nights in our kitchen having Iron Chef competitions (I'll explain this on a later date) and experimenting with new foods and recipes.  We love all types of foods, and especially love grilling (our grill count is now up to 4 - soon we will need a bigger garage) and all foods spicy. 

Something else that we are passionate about is trying to make our favorite foods good for you.  My Grandma always used to tell me when I was young to "Leave a happy plate".  This meant I was supposed to eat everything on my plate.  This saying always brings a smile to my face and happy memories of my Grandma.  The only problem is, I've grown to love food sooo much, I still always leave a happy plate!  So the only way I can stay somewhat healthy, and still get to eat the foods I want, is to try to make them a little bit healthier along the way. 
And I suppose going for a run every once in a while doesn't hurt.