Holla! Cooking Planit T-fal GIVEAWAY Coming SOON!

So, guess what?  I get to give one lucky "Leave a Happy Plate" lover a brand-stankin' new set of pots and pans from T-fal and Cooking Planit!

And these aren't just any old pots and pans.  They are T-fal, they are stainless steel, and they have this awesome new technology that tells you when the pan is perfectly pre-heated. I don't know about you, but I NEED that in my life!

Worth $129 smackaroos

This awesome giveaway (#Cookingplanit) also introduced me to this great new meal planning website/app: Cooking Planit.  I have a few friends out there that would love, love, love this sight because it makes meal planning, grocery shopping, and dinner preparation easy peasy.

So, here's the deal:
  • There are 50 chances for you to win this great cookware set, starting on August 19th (contest open to US only)
  • Check out the 49 other food blogs listed below for additional chances to win throughout the month... and show them some lovin' while you're there!
  • Make sure to come back to Leave a Happy Plate starting on August 26th for your chance to win the beautiful cookware set I have set aside just for you!
  • All you will have to do to enter is sign up for a free Cooking Planit account or download the free iphone/ipad app and show your support to some great food blogs along the way (Exact details will be listed when my contest starts on 8/26.)
Have fun and GOOD LUCK you happy little cookers you.

The Cooking Planit and T-fal 2013 Giveaway
Start End Flight 1 Flight 2
8/19/2013 8/25/2013 Baby Boomster Mrs. Schwartz's Kitchen
8/20/2013 8/26/2013 CopyKat Recipes Daily Dish Recipes
8/21/2013 8/27/2013 Lisa Cooking LarksCountryHeart
8/22/2013 8/28/2013 ME Redone Hot Eats and Cool Reads
8/23/2013 8/29/2013 Mother Would Know The Two Bite Club
8/24/2013 8/30/2013 Sophistishe Citron Limette
8/25/2013 8/31/2013 Kitchen Concoctions Cupcakes and Kale Chips
8/26/2013 9/1/2013 I Can Cook That Leave a Happy Plate
8/27/2013 9/2/2013 Peaches & Cake i love my disorganized life
8/28/2013 9/3/2013 Diddles & Dumplings Yates Yummies
8/29/2013 9/4/2013 Basil Momma Cooking With Libby
8/30/2013 9/5/2013 Persnickety Plates Creole Contessa
8/31/2013 9/6/2013 Ancestral Chef Bite Sized Blog
9/1/2013 9/7/2013 The Staten Island Family Mamal Diane
9/2/2013 9/8/2013 Food Fash Recipes For My Boys
9/3/2013 9/9/2013 The Wicked Noodle Hungry Little Girl
9/4/2013 9/10/2013 Unorganized Mommy of 3 The Tasty Fork
9/5/2013 9/11/2013 Yi Reservation Dixie Chik Cooks
9/6/2013 9/12/2013 Chicago Foodie Sisters The Fountain Avenue Kitchen
9/7/2013 9/13/2013 Cooking from a SAHM FoodThoughtsOfaChefWannabe
9/8/2013 9/14/2013 Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen Rants from My Crazy Kitchen
9/9/2013 9/15/2013 What Jew Wanna Eat Sumptuous Spoonfuls
9/10/2013 9/16/2013 The Mama Report Busy Mom of Two
9/11/2013 9/17/2013 Culicurious Huppie Mama
9/12/2013 9/18/2013 Three Diets. One Dinner. Spice's Bites

And if you just aren't lucky enough to win one of these awesome cookware sets, you can just buy it here, and tell your significant other that you won it! They'll never know!