I did it. I turned 30.

Today is my birthday.  It's a big'un.  Thirty.

I remember when 30 seemed so old, and so farrrrrrr away. Now it's heerrreee to stayyyy... Oh I believe, in yesterrrrday! Ooops, please forgive my singing.

So I figured I should do some sort of walk down memory lane, and share my biggest achievements, errrr... fondest memories, no, that's not right, well just 30 things I remember from my 30 years on this planet. Unfortunately, my memory is not very good, as you'll see...

  1. I learned to walk, and talk, and use a toilet
  2. I figured out that wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt to school every day isn't necessarily "fashionable"
  3. My soccer team won a state championship soccer tournament, go Fireballs
  4. wore my first dress ever (~age 12)
  5. I learned that boys are not all that cool
  6. I ruptured my spleen playing soccer, spent 8 days in a hospital, and lived to talk about it... only time I've ever skipped Thanksgiving dinner
  7. graduated high school, in one piece
  8. I moved 500 miles away from where I grew up, and learned how to speak "southern" (i.e. mater, tater, yeller, holler)
  9. made some incredible friends
  10. I joined Facebook (obviously a life-changer here)
  11. turned 21, and didn't puke (that I remember)
  12. graduated college 
  13. I went to Europe and drank a lot of beer
  14. I got my first full time job, working 60 hours a week
  15. I called an exterminator... over a fake spider under my guest bed
  16. I bought a house
  17. I got a really fluffy puppy and named her after a beer
  18. I got engaged
  19. I got a new job
  20. I quit my first job (hallelujah!)
  21. got married
  22. I started a food blog
  23. ran a half marathon
  24. I realized I don't like running all that much
  25. I learned how to poach an egg
  26. I went ghost hunting
  27. I had one of my recipes published in a magazine
  28. ate my first crab (on my one-year wedding anniversary, holy crap)
  29. I went camping, despite the bugs, and mastered my super-secret master-casting technique
And the most important achievement thus far...

30.killed a spider all by myself (and with the help of a tissue box)

Now I need a glass of wine.  Cheers!