How to get your kids to drink more water

As a family that focuses on fitness and eating clean the vast majority of the time (no processed food, no added sugar, etc. etc.), we drink a LOT of water. That goes for our kids too.

Drinking water has many health benefits, like keeping you hydrated, improving your focus, and increasing your energy. Water is also good for your skin, digestion, metabolism, and it can help make you stronger (which is awesome because I really want to get that strict handstand push-up I've been working on!). When I tell my kids that something will make them stronger and bigger, they are all about it! Reagan, especially, wants to win ALL.THE.THINGS (whether it's a race against her sisters, a game of tag, or a competition to see who can buckle their seat belt first)!

Every once in a while though, our brains and taste buds need a little help to remember to choose water instead of something a little less good for us. So I'm going to let you in on our family's secrets to drinking more water: 

Tip #1: BUBBLY water a.k.a. plain soda water (we have a Soda Stream). It's cheap, convenient, fast, and the kids get a hoot out of the bubbles. Who knew plain water that fizzes in your face could be so exciting for a kid!? My two-year-old starts screaming "bubby wawa" every time I get it out of the fridge.

Tip #2: Whenever you cut up some fruit, herbs, or vegetables, throw a few pieces in a large mason jar or pitcher of water and let it sit over night. Ta da!! Flavored water! No fuss, no added mess, barely any added effort. And it makes for a pleasant surprise the next day when you're perusing the fridge for something yummy and healthy to drink!

Tip #3: Get your kids involved!! Reagan LOVED helping me pick the herbs and doing a taste test of the different recipes. Figure out what your kids like and have them help you make it. 

Flavors: orange + rosemary, strawberry + mint, jalapeno + lime, pear + thyme

The winner! Strawberry mint (that she picked the mint for)
(My favorites where the jalapeno lime and orange rosemary!)

Rev Your Bev Day

Tomorrow, May 9, is Rev your Bev Day in Virginia, and I hope this affiliate post will help draw attention to this great campaign, because I really believe in the benefits of teaching our kids at a young age to drink water. 

This program has given parents and youth across Virginia the information and resources they need to make healthier beverage choices since 2013. This year’s Rev Your Bev Day is all about tapping into your creativity by encouraging kids to come up with their very own water recipes using fresh ingredients.

Soon, I'll share with you the winning kid-created recipe that comes out of this year's Rev Your Bev day! 

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  1. Strawberry mint sounds so good! Enjoy your mother’s day this weekend! ❤️


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