Hello!  My name is Elizabeth (A.K.A. Liz, Lizzard, Brownie) White.  I live in a semi-small town near my Alma mater, Virginia Tech, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia.  I’m sarcastic, if you couldn't tell, and proud of it!  Leave a Happy Plate narrates my everyday life and kitchen antics and is a place where I share my favorite recipes, which I (not always successfully) try to make “healthified” or gluten free. 

I got married last year to my best friend and favorite taste-tester.
I am a step-mom to a 6-yr-old, who usually likes my cooking, as long as I don't make her eat asparagus.  
I have a hilarious doggie named Stella who loves to eat snow.  She is a golden doodle.  She also pees a lot.

I’m a die-hard Virginia Tech football tailgater, and firmly believe that plastic tablecloths do not belong at sporting eventsGo Hokies!

I grew up baking quite a bit with my Mom, which was passed down from my Grandma.  We baked brownies, Rice Krispy treats, funnel cakes, dirt pies, and at Christmas time, it would look like the Keebler Elves had set up shop in our kitchen while we mixed and baked a million different kinds of cookies.

I also used to help Dad make hamburgers.  Dad doesn't use recipes, so that was fun to me.  We’d throw all sorts of stuff in the hamburger meat, and then Dad would grill them.  Maybe that’s why I don’t follow recipes much when I cook now.

I never really started cooking until after I graduated from college and was living by myself in my first apartment.  The week I moved in, my best friend bought me a Rachel Ray cookbook for my birthday, and I went to town.  

A few years later, I met Mike.  On our second date, he made me his famous Chicken Bacon Bites and “fried taters” and I was hooked.  We also learned how to cook lobster.

Mike proposed to me on Christmas day, 2010.  After we called everyone to tell them the great news, I said, “Oh crap, now I have to plan a wedding!” I quickly explained to Mike that he shouldn't be offended by my comment, but that I dreaded having to deal with all of the vendors, and phone calls, and stress of planning a wedding. However, a year and a half later, when the wedding was over, I realized that I really enjoyed the wedding planning process, and missed it. I needed a new project. Enter food blog!

I hope you enjoy my blog, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

~ Liz